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Early Years Learning Framework


Early Years Learning Framework - Belonging, Being and Becoming

Educators Guide: Early Years Learning Framework

The Educators Guide has examples of documentation which will assist Educators in thinking about the way they document and analyse children's learning and consider where to from here. These examples are found in the back end of the Guide.

Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy - Building Good Practice

This booklet is filled with ideas on how everyday experiences inform children's understanding of mathematical, science and literacy concepts. Educators will be provided with examples and language aimed at incorporating these concepts within their curriculum decision making.   

Supporting a Sustainable Future: Inspiring Children's Spirit of Stewardship 

Unravelling the essence of the Early Years Learning Framework

This booklet produced by Children's Services Central provides information and ideas on extending your thinking around the core concepts of the EYLF: Belonging, Being and Becoming. It also includes a broader scope for considering the Learning Outcomes (examples of practice and additional expected outcomes).

Wisdom of Play

Early Years Curriculum - Language Learning and Communication

This Booklet is a tool used by prep staff members. It acknowledges that in the early years, children get involved in the fascinating experiences of learning how the print and electronic communication systems work to communicate, entertain and inform. Children will use and explore written, visual and multimodal texts and begin to understand and use the written English code in the five contexts for learning: focused learning and teaching and involvement in learning experiences in play, real-life situations, routines and transitions.These learning experiences will be facilitated through speaking and listening. In the early years, learning about reading, viewing, writing and shaping are integrated and reciprocal experiences.Children learn about reading as they learn about writing, and vice versa.

Pathways to Possibilities

This Booklet emphasises the importance of critically reflective processes, thoughtful choices and diversity of approaches and illustrates them in action in one EYLF curriculum community. It highlights the rich possibilities for exploring the EYLF’s overarching themes of belonging, being and becoming. Through the powerful and wonderfully appropriate metaphor of the Hindi practice of Rangoli, it demonstrates how much we can learn and achieve when we work together with trust, respect and confidence.

Developmental Information and tips for babies through to school age children

The Office for Early Childhood Education and Care has developed a series of helpful tip sheets for parents. However they could be very useful for Educators also. The page is set up to just click on the photos above to find relevant tips and hints for children of different age groups. You can also view other tip sheets for finding, choosing and using quality early childhood education and care services and balancing work and family, or alternatively, visit Raising Children


Early Childhood Australia invites you to participate in the  the EYLF PLP online Forum

Early childhood education and care professionals have access to an online interactive Early Years Learning Framework Professional Learning Program (EYLF PLP) Forum, where they can raise questions, share ideas and simply interact with other educators implementing the EYLF in their services. High-calibre early childhood experts and practitioners from across Australia are available on the EYLF PLP Forum to respond to questions, and conduct topical discussions—about issues raised by experts and practitioners via the Forum and the national workshop program—regarding the implementation of the EYLF in services.

The EYLF PLP is developed by Early Childhood Australia under an initiative funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) to provide ongoing support to services as they engage in the EYLF implementation process. You are invited to use this EYLF PLP online Forum to share and discuss your experiences about the implementation of the EYLF. This is a very real opportunity to utilise the capacity of the Internet to underwrite reform in early childhood services.

Be a part of the Forum at http://forums.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au/forum.php.

Check out the Professional Learning Program: http://www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au/eylfplp/